Liberation Prison Yoga Trauma-Informed Teacher Training

Anneke Lucas
Oneika Mays
Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit

Spend the weekend with the Liberation Prison Yoga Team, training to go into the prisons with the organization or work with traumatized populations. You will get a taste of the unconditionality of trauma-informed yoga in the prisons, and the impact it creates for students and teachers alike. Liberation Prison Yoga has taken the trauma informed teaching model and explored for the most effective, grounded and sensitive ways to bring the benefits of yoga to the incarcerated. Recognizing our personal awareness to be our most important asset in this work, we offer a structured and safe exploration into the self as part of this workshop.

We hold trainings regularly in New York City as well as selected locations worldwide.  We can also bring a training to your city or organization. Our mission is to spread trauma-informed practices, connection and love everywhere.  Join us!